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Lead by example and contribute to the firm, the community and the profession. Partners at Brownview are responsible for creating an environment consistent with the firm’s core values, one that is inclusive and in which all people can fully contribute. Partners run teams, lead searches, serve on firm committees and take on leadership roles. Partners are expected to participate regularly in mentoring, training and recruiting activities and to give constructive feedback to associates.

Partners also develop personal business plans that include short and long-term goals.  The firm has monthly and annual partner meetings.  Continuous learning is an expectation at the firm, no matter how many years you have been in the industry.

What makes Brownview special is our people and the culture, community and spirit of collaboration we have created. A true sense of partnership, established with our founding, continues to evolve among our search consultants. A relentless pursuit of excellence, coordinating across practices and offices, valuing and relying on different types of expertise, that’s the Brownview way. It is why people enjoy working with us and we enjoy working with each other.



Search professionals join Brownview for a number of reasons, whether they want the freedom to progress their executive search careers on their own terms or the ability to be entrepreneurial within a supportive structure. However, we understand that our lawyers work to live and not the other way around. That’s why we ensure our partners are highly incentivized when it comes to fees.

Rush Hour


We are a firm that was built around remote working from the outset. Investing in the latest technology to ensure our partners can run their practices efficiently and securely has always been top of our agenda, and we are constantly reviewing how we can optimize the platform further. 

Business Conversation


We embed a marketing culture at Brownview. We believe everyone has a part to play in marketing, so encourage partners to develop their personal brands, and offer training and coaching when it comes to many aspects of modern marketing.

Business Meeting


A huge part of being part of Brownview is ensuring we support you on those (sometimes frustrating) tasks that can take you away from your client.

Job interview

Culture & Community

With so many options now available for search consultants, we know that company culture is a big factor in deciding where to grow your legal search practice. We want to retain the community feeling of a small business. Everyone plays a valuable role in the development of the firm. You never feel like a small cog in a big corporate wheel.

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